Test and tune your Auto or Home audio system. This app doesn’t just loop sound clips together, it generates a pure BASS frequency instantly; capable of producing clean BASS as low as 10Hz.

iphone-Screenshot 2013.04.20 04.21.43

Test your speakers


App Features:
– Generate a continuous BASS tone at a specific frequency.
– Adjust frequencies in small increments!
– Instant BASS buttons (iPad Only)
– Customizable color scheme.
– 10+ Hz automatic wobble mode.
– Pink Noise audio mode.
– Sweep 20-20k mode.
– Combine pink noise or sweep with frequency generator.
– Adjust the BASS in real-time as you hear it.
– Supports frequencies from 10Hz to 310Hz.
– Emergency STOP by pressing Home or Stop.

BASS Hz can stress test your system and help you determine the optimum frequency of your system.

Excellent for audio competitions by using only frequencies instead of music.

This app can produce very low bass frequencies that don’t normally exist in music. Damage can occur to your equipment if not properly monitored.



6 thoughts on “BASS Hz

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    • On the main screen is a Music icon, in there you can play from your library. When you already have a BASS tone playing on the main screen you will hear the tone played concurrently with the music.

  2. How do
    I had the freq of bass I want with my library. I got this app cuz I like sings but not all so GS have a good 50hz bang but they need one. I want the app to replace the weak bass for good 50hz bass or allow me to edit or
    Mix it in. I run IOS 7 but couldn’t get the app to do it as advertised.

  3. I bought the Bass Hz app. I am tech savvy & am a pro videographer. I use a non-linear editing system called AVID & thus make pro tools & just audio mixers easy & supplemental of what I do.
    How do I mix a certain bass frequency into a song. This is what the app promises but I can’t either get it to do this or figure it out. I bought this app under the premise that songs I really like but have terrible bass hooks could be rectified. That I could take cool songs & mix in a 50hz thump where their 85 one was. I can play my song with the app & when I hit the frequency it makes a thump but nothing mix able. Please explain you app to me? Help. Or did you guys get mislead me. I even typed “iPhone app that allows you to mix hard hitting bass into any song”.

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